Aaron Donovan

Aaron Donovan

New York City has 15 marinas for recreational boats. Brooklyn is home to six marinas; all other boroughs have two.  Of the 1,731 vessels registered to addresses in New York City, 75% are classified as recreational vessels.  

  • New York City Parks Department regulates docking fees, boat services, kayaking, canoeing, rowboat and paddleboat rentals, and rules relating to the use of Parks' waterways.

  • New York State requires a safety course and certification from the State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Department.

New York State requires registration of any boat that is motor-driven and is operated on public waterways in the state. The boat requires a registration even if the motor is not the primary source of propulsion. If the boat is operated in New York State, the boat must be registered with the DMV.

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