The New York City bus system, the largest in the United States, accommodated 789 million trips in 2012, more than the Los Angeles and Chicago systems combined.

The New York City Transit bus fleet contains 5,701 buses that drive on 2,858 route miles to approximately 14,000 bus stops. Buses in New York City travel 8.1 miles per hour on average (2010), the slowest of any major city in the United States. Select Bus Service is New York City Transit's new bus service designed to reduce travel time through pre-boarding payments, dedicated lanes and traffic signal priority.

Bus ridership has declined by 6.5% since 2007, while over the same period subway ridership has increased by 5.9%, suggesting riders may be opting for subways over buses.

The most popular bus route in 2012 was the M15, which provided nearly 18 million trips that year, running north/south along the east side of Manhattan.

The new Bus Time service, which transmits bus locations to users’ phones; is being used approximately eight times per week per user.The technology is expected to be deployed on every bus route in the city by early 2014.

New York City buses are owned and operated by NYC Transit and MTA Bus, divisions of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Bus lanes, stops and shelters are built and maintained by NYCDOT.

Source: NYC.Gov

Source: NYC.Gov

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