New York City’s bike share system, CitiBike, launched in May, 2013 with 5,670 bikes and 330 docks. Within ten weeks, CitiBike reached more than 68,000 annual members, who had ridden over 400,000 miles cumulatively. After five months, the system has 94,000 annual members, and riders completed five million rides and biked 10 million miles.

Citi Bike is operated by NYC Bike Share, a wholly owned subsidy of Alta Bicycle. Alta has a five-year contract with the City that specifies a range of service levels that the company must meet relating to system function and availability, customer support, cleaning and maintenance.

September 2013 Citi Bike trips versus subway delay alerts.

September 2013 Citi Bike trips versus subway delay alerts.

*The Netherlands' system is nation-wide.

*The Netherlands' system is nation-wide.

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